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Additional places

Shinzan Shrine

Shinzan is the name of the mountain on which this shrine is located.

One of the most revered on the peninsula, Shinzan Shrine is deeply associated with the Namahage rites. Every Februay, the Namahage Sedo Festival is held on these grounds surrounded by majestic cryptomerias.

10,000 Buddhas of Shinzan

This hall, once part of a temple called Koboji, holds more than 10,000 wooden Buddhist statues despite being only 5.4 meters on each side.

This exceedingly rare site is of particular folk-religious interest.

Goshado The Akagami Shrine

Goshado, the central hall at the Aakagami Shrine, is thought to have been built around the turn of the seventeenth century. The spectacle of Goshado's five pavilions spreading out side-by-side here in the mountains of Oga is truley worth the trip. Elements such as the frog-leg struts and tie beams tiebeams are typical examples of Akita's period religious architecture, making this a site of significant historical value, The reliquary shrine, containing many important relics, in the center hall is an important piece of cultural property.