Experience the folklore of the Namahage


Shinpi Hall (Oga Room)

Experience Oga

Acquaint yourself with the nature and culture of Oga the birthplace of the Namahage legend.

A traditional boat carved out of a whole tree, as well as local tools and other items are displayed in this unique room complete with a mini forest containing screens and imbedded graphic panels.

A computerized information retrieval system is also provided.

Namahage Seizoroi The Namahage Exhibit

Enjoy a Variety of Styles

The masks and costumes on display represent the 60 former districts of Oga, showing the many different ways in which Namahage have been portrayed over the years.

Namahage Densho Hall The Namahage Legend Theater

The Authentic Story of the Namahage

During your visit to the Namahage Museum please make sure to view the short documentary film about the Namahage.

The film explains the Namahage legend and it offers a peek inside the local houses during a visit from the Namahage, providing further insight into the people who love and preserve the Namahage tradition.

"An evening with the Namahage" (15 minutes in length) will be shown every 30 minutes from 8:30 a.m.

Views from the Oga Peninsula’s many scenic spots are also displayed throughout the day in this room.

Namahage Costume Booth

Here’s your chance to change into a Namahage! Please ask our staff members for assistance and they will help you try on the costumes.

Feel free to take photos.